Wood piles, rocks and animals still only spawning in main spawn?

So the servers were down for nearly 24 hours and one of the main gripes about the game was never addressed?

Why are the wood piles, rocks and animals spawns restricted to the main spawn? It totally kills off the game as you NEED these items to survive, yet you can’t survive long what with all the KoS DayZ players and the cheaters. I’ve managed to build myself a two storey hut miles away from the spawn. It took me an hour to gather all the wood I need just from hitting a tree (which is bugged in itself, sometimes takes ten hits to get one bit of wood).

Please thin out the material spawns in the main spawn and spread them round the map further. I went running round for 20 minutes just now and found nothing but trees.

I’ve had animals and rocks outside of the first square, never any woodpiles though… They’re just not as common as they are in the first one.

Actually there’s a bunch of hidden valleys around the main spawn that people rarely ever visit, i’ve set up in one of those, and a bunch of wood/rocks spawn every minute or so.

Plus with all the people settling around me i’ve made friends, and from those i’ve gotten help with people trying to break into my house, and had weapons gifted to me because I helped in some way.

But why should I be forced to build near the main spawn in order to survive? I’m by the rad wall trying to find broken things that need fixing. But having to run all the way back to the spawn every time I need food is a pain in the arse. That’s like a 20 minute round trip.

And chances are I’ll just end up getting killed by a KoS idiot or a speed cheater.