Wood Shelters Trapping people in buildings

This was a cheap move done to me by a group of guys, and I’m assuming I’m not their first victim to this tactic. They placed a wood shelter over my metal door and trapped me in my base. I know the shelters despawn after 12 hours, but I was wondering if this should get fixed so a shelter (or even a barricade) can’t be put directly in front of people’s doors to trap them in for 12 hours. Here’s a picture of what I mean…



thank you very much.

Just hatchet it

I didn’t think they could be destroyed with a hatchet? I’ll try that…

They can. Or a pick axe. Takes a little why but quicker then waiting 8 hrs

Haha thanks a bunch! I looked on various wikis and talked to people and they said I couldn’t cut them down (the people) and the wikis said that they despawn after 12 hours.

Sure, but what about people adding walls and stuff? It takes only 300 wood to box in a door so it can’t be used without some C4.

I haven’t tried putting a shelter on a ramp, but would that prevent someone from placing a shelter in front of a door?