Wood walls in Rust should bern!

wood walls in Rust should burn, it’s more realistic and realism is good.

Realism needs to take a backseat to playability and balance. Games are inherently unrealistic, they’re games, artificual rules over and above the laws of physics.

If all buildings could simply be burnt down unless they were built out of metal, absolutely nothing anywhere on Rust would be standing after two days except for all-metal shacks made from heavy-duty farmers or admin item spawning.

P.S. You should really keep your suggestion to this thread only. Spamming other threads with “wood walls should burn” is a very bad idea.

I refuse to believe that someone who spells “burn” wrong two times in a row like that is actually 31 years old as they claim.

EDIT: Look like you fixed one of them, and also managed to spell it right in the other thread where you proposed the exact same thing. Good job, guy.

Typos happen, fuck you!

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Building with stone may be a good alternative to wood or metal.

I agree, but should be harder than just touching it with a torch. Or maybe should be working only on shelters, not the actual wooden buildings.

I actually have always thought there should be a way to burn down wooden buildings, but only after something like stone/concrete buildings are added in (an in-between the super expensive metal and wood). Possibly a flamethrower that uses fuel to do extreme damage to wood building parts (more expensive than the current low quality and have it consume it at a ridiculous rate).

EDIT: I don’t agree with OPs logic, but I DO agree that it would be neat to have some type of potent fire damage vs. wood structures one more structure types have been established.

This. How about craftable molotov cocktails, you could get alcoholic drinks from airdrops or from the crates like water bottles. But it should not burn down a house, maybe unfinished houses with no roof or the spike walls or shelters.

You could use the low grade fuel and bandages to create molotovs. Or you can brew alcohol if farming is introduced. I love brewing stuff :slight_smile:

I want to burn people in Rust.

Not twice in a row.

People attacking this guy’s typo rather than commenting on the actual suggestion. Awesome community element we’ve built here folks.

Well the idea has been suggested many many times before as well.
And the thread is in the wrong spot.
And he obviously didn’t read the rules.
And the idea itself is a little ridiculous… I mean, if it’s so easy to burn things down then there won’t be anymore buildings. People would just run around and torch everything they see just like how people kill every naked person they see now.

“Realism”… HA. What is this, Call of Duty?

silly kitty, don’t burn people, burn EVERYTHING!!! >:D

i like the idea of molotovs. i like the idea of burning houses and trees and grass and people. that said, i don’t think it should be so simple to burn down a house made of “green” wood. maybe low level DOT to the parts that are on fire and it spreads over to touching parts every 5-10 seconds. can be extinguished and/or goes out randomly.

i don’t think a torch would be sufficient to light a house on fire. maybe dry grass, but that’s it.

stone houses are a good idea as a middle ground between wood and metal, but that’s a different issue.