Wood walls / Metal doors how many F1 Gernades now?

Hello all,

With wood walls now being stronger taking 2 C4 to blow down how many F1 gernades does it take to knock down a wood wall and or metal door? Is it still the same 10-12?

Yes. Still 11-12.

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Thanks! much appropriated!

I was informed that grenades alone cannot break down a wall, but is able to bring it down to essentially 1hp.

Metal doors it is roughly 11 grenades.
I’ve thrown I believe 9 or 10 grenades + one charge to blow a wooden wall.

Grenades can take out a wall. I did it a couple days ago. Perfect placing will take about 11 or 12 grenades. Because of the wall I tried breaking into being mostly blocked by a rock it took about 15 grenades but still destroyed the wall.

yeah, perfect placing 11-12. but actual count based on practice is closer to 15. took me 17 last night probably because the foundation it was on had a bit of a lip and the grenade wasnt directly at the base of it. i hate taking down walls or doors with grenades as it takes nearly twice as many resources at the charges do. but you gotta use what you got at hand. be nice to have an indermediate explosive to use, like an old school cast iron round bomb

Yeah or some tnt you can place at the door and just shoot it with a gun to have it go off :slight_smile:

A trick I used with grenades before that seemed to help is put a barricade against the door so it kinda looks like this:

Door - |/| - Barricade

Then when you drop the grenades in and the explosion is more directed or it at least prevents the random roll outs. I found that to work best along with crouch dropping the grenades very carefully, but if you do this wrong it can roll away from the door/wall.