Woodbury PVP/oxide/NO ADMIN ABUSE
All new players receive 500 wood planks on arrival. We also have a $1000.00 in game money for economy plugin for each friend u bring with you. The server is only a few days old and has grown significantly fast. With a player base of 20 players and rising. Oxide enriched server with lots of chat mods such as groups/friends/admin pm/private messaging. Also Economy/Base alarms/Air drops/rare c4,bolt action,m4/PVP/teleport/instant craft/sleepers/good ping…and much more to make your gaming experience fun.

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To connect simply hit your f1 button in the main menu and type…

Hey Pigeon its FunTimeWithSouls, is something wrong with the server? Hasn’t shown up for awhile an trying to connect via IP won’t connect.

Yes unfornatly we are recieveing DDOS attacks, this is out of my control and trying to address the problem a soon as possible