Wooden head on headhacked DoD:s Soldiers


What did I do wrong?
To be exact I didn’t headhack, I more like “bodyhacked” it.
I imported the DoD:s rifleman body and replaced it with the citizens reference so I wouldn’t have to mess to much with the .qc for the face/eyeposing.
I had this problem before but now I can’t remember how to fix the shiet.
Please help

I’ve got the same problem (though I can’t see your pic):

And I still have no idea how to fix it :frowning:

Either UV map or bad poly ID

Mine is fine in Milkshape its only in GMod that it looks like that (and the material/texture names/paths are correct).

Maybe the texture’s width or height is off a bit?

Use vtftool to convert the facemap to a .tga then back into a .vtf.
It’s that, or you have to re-save the facemap and untick some shit, but I don’t remember what.

I’m using the material for eric (male 04) for the head and the base male eye textures, surely they should just reference from the gcf (other things do), but even if it doesn’t I tried extracting them and it still doesn’t work.

You have to Clamp T and U in the .vtf when saving I believe.

The original has T and S clamped does it need U aswell? (I still don’t see why it should be different for the same head using the same UV and the same texture as the original @.@)

Edit: Found the pic from Milkshape


You have to uncheck Clamp T and S in the facemap VTF. Otherwise you’ll get this issue with headhacks.

There’s probably other ways to fix it, but i’m not aware of them.

Will this bugger up the original? (as in do I need to hex it?)

No, as far as I know.

I hexed it anyway (just incase) and it worked :smiley: Thankyou Onemanshow ^^

Now how do I fix the eyes? @.@

Edit: This is what it’s like now

Did you assign eyetextures to the headhack when hacking? Also, did you use right compile parameters to point to the eye texture location?

I got pink eyes on my rebels when I used the wrong shader in the VMT, that could be it.

Could be this, could be the location of the eye textures are in the wrong folder/VMTs are wrong, could be both. Applying the eye textures on it yourself might be the problem too. It usually should have them applied when you import it in. Same with facemap.

I’ve tried all the options but my head keeps looking the same and the texture of the body strangely just disappears when going more than ~20 feet from him.

The textures were already assigned (and I checked this) and so was the body so its not that issue. Yes its looking in the right place.

I’m using the base eye texture that the original had (in the GCF), I haven’t (and couldn’t) have altered it in any way.

Location is directly copied from the original citizen’s qc and I checked it was in the right place anyway, VMT is the original (as I said above). Didn’t apply any textures myself as I thought it would cause this problem, I did leave them as they were when I imported them in.

So whats up with it @.@

Did the whole thing again. Same shit.


Can it be something in the .qc? I have the DoD:s rifleman qc with copy pasted flexfile commands and texture directories.

Did you remember to assign the face texture when hacking? And is there a texture directory pointing to the folder of the face texture?