wooden house and storage box

Forgive my ignorance im new :wink:

Making a wooden hut and shoving stuff in storage box…someone can just open the door and the box right?

No, the door is locked by you. The box however people can just open.

For the moment, you’re the only person who can open your doors, but they can be broken down if someone is really determined. Be sure to keep your box away from the edge of the shack, or it might be possible for people to get into it, but otherwise it should be fairly safe.

Ok cool thanks for that :wink:

adding extra doors never hurt anyone. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t keep trying to build near me :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t end well.
There’s a reason nobody else is in the area :wink:

Pft :stuck_out_tongue:

would of thought having co-operative friendly neighbours is a good thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are stronger with other players

atm tbh mir0 im doing alot of solo to learn the game.

I am a member of a gaming community and we will be getting together in the near future to play together.