Wooden pillars

Is the wooden pillars destructable, because i placed one of them wrong and now i cant build my walls.
Thank you guys in advance?

PS. If its destructable, what is the best way to destroy it?

Dont think so.

alright, so if you place them down wrongly, what to do? wait for them to decay?

No you can’t break pillars yet. Its a pain if you misplace it cus it can cause you to have to start over.

Yeah, like Tom said, at the moment there’s no way to get rid of the pillars. Like you suggested in the OP, you could wait for it to decay (which is 2 24-hour cycles, I believe).

Either way, just at these early stages be careful, and cautious when placing resources that take a little bit to make.

Thanks for the replies guys! I guess i have to wait for it to decay :slight_smile: