Wooden planks, why are you so expensive? Also, different wooden buildings and equipment.

Wooden Palisades- More expensive than a wooden wall. Stronger than a wooden wall, and it has a small walkway to be manned to be fired from.
Various traps- Like killing pits, rigged crossbows, falling stones, rolling logs, explosive traps(like mines, or tripwires).
Better furnaces- You can only find schematics to build them, and they are expensive to make but they allow for the creation of high quality metal which can be used to make guns like the M4. They also make more metal shards than regular furnaces. These things are huge, so plenty of space is required to set them up.
Braziers- Allows for arrows coated in cloth to be set ablaze. Alternatively, they could just be campfires.

Siege weaponry
Ballista- Place-able on a foundation block. Fires ballista bolts that could either be set on fire, or fired plain(metal tip). Requires one person. Immobile but can rotate slowly… Fairly inexpensive(If you can make a house, you can make this) Can be upgraded with a shield to protect user.
Catapults & Trebuchets- Fires rocks or firebombs over or at walls. Requires 2-4 people Slow movement. Can be upgraded with better ropes for more range and power.
Battering rams- Has a leather/wooden roof to protect against flaming arrows. The ram can do much damage to buildings and constructions, but attacks really, really slowly. It can bust metal doors off its hinges. Slow movement. Requires 3 people to use but more means that the ram moves faster. Can be upgraded for increased resistance to fire arrows, resistance to damage in general, improved movement speed, and doors to prevent defenders from climbing down and killing the operators.

Weapons and armor.
Club- Does as much damage as basic rock but faster swing rate and more range. Can be spiffied with metal shards or a rock.
Hammers- Sledges can destroy blocks and crush through defense values and cripples opponents. One handed hammers are the same length as axes but trade raw damage for armor penetration and a chance to cripple opponents.
Wooden armor- Doesn’t stop bullets much, actually, it makes them worse as the wood splinters when hit and the shards hit the wearer causing massive bleeding and pain. Its good against arrows and melee attacks. Makes wearer unable to sprint. Can be set ablaze by flaming arrows. Doesn’t stop ballista bolts. Leather can be added for more protection against all attacks, and leather padding can be added to decrease chance of broken legs when hit by hammers.
Shields- Can block attacks and arrows. Can be made larger with more wood or more durable with metal or leather. Too many blocked attacks may lead to a broken arm which prevents you from blocking for a fair amount of time (Usually until end of battle). The shield is heavy, so it slows down the player much.
Crossbows- More range and power than a bow. Requires metal. Can be upgraded with a crank to increase reload speed. Scope?
Scrap armor- Uses metal, cloth/leather and wood. You are very well armored, being able to take a lot of punishment. However, you can’t sprint, your swings are slower and the helmet restricts some of your vision (Like being the driver of a tank in BF1942).
Spears and javelins- Spears are for stabbing things, or for spear fishing while javelins are powerful throwing weapons but their crude construction severely handicaps range. Can be made with a stone or a iron tip.

I kind of like your “Weapons and armor” suggestions but Siege weaponry wouldn’t fit in to the theme of the game due to being too medieval, in my opinion.

I disagree with wooden planks being too expensive. I think they’re pretty much fine and I wouldn’t even mind the cost being even higher in the future. People should have to work for their houses, high plank cost also encourages cooperation with other players as more players gathering wood = more planks.

I want to explore more options regarding taking over bases, as right now its either ladders(or stairs) or C4 or axes(if wooden doors). There are only three ways, and that doesn’t seem like much variety.
However, for siege weapons it does depend on where the game will go. If it will focus more on guns than swords and melee, siege weapons may be seen as dated or unnecessary

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The planks are too expensive. It shouldn’t take that many logs to make one plank. Also, the game should be enjoyable, not a grindfesting chore.

I think by now, unless you haven’t looked at the Trello page yet, it’s safe to guarantee it wont go the midieval route. And if you haven’t looked at their Trello page, now would be a good time for it. They are working on a patrol helicopter, new looks for guns, even the bolt action rifle.

With that being said, more forced entry tools, like a haligan or portable battering ram (similar to what police officers use) would be nice, as well as mounted weaponry for defending our bases.

It’s easy to get wood seeing as there are trees everywhere (sometimes woodpiles aswell), 10 logs isn’t much for something that you will use to build a almost permanent construction with… You’re being way too short sighted here, you need to think about the long run aswell; just because it’s fun for you to get something instantaneously doesn’t mean it is for others too.

When you see a large wooden building right now you think about how much time and effort they’ve spent building it and you can estimate the number of people living in it aswell. Reduce the price of wooden planks and those large constructions will be a common sight around the map, many abandoned and probably built by a single person in a few minutes.

Some things just need to take a bit of time.

This part specifically annoys me… It’s not fun to get everything as you spawn, it makes it boring. If nothing is valued and nothing matters, it won’t be fun.

Its not expensive at all, its great like that

Perhaps having a 1 log to 4 plank conversion would be poor in this game as it stands. I still believe some re-balancing to resources would be necessary, like increased spawn zones, especially for rocks. Nonetheless, I understand why you would be pretty pissed for having the set up for resources that I suggested.

1 plank per 1 wood? Rly? Being able to build house just out of 1 woodpile?

I doubt you’d require 400 acres of forests to make one damn house. And yes, I’d argue that 1 plank per 1 wood would be nice, but then, as stated previously, would make this game too easy.

You need 380 wood for 1x1 house without doors,what is 38 planks,and 38 planks for a small house is optimal amount isnt it?
380 wood is about 5 wood piles.
Its right,dude

My God, that amount of trees. Seems abnormal for me