Wooden Propeller

I figure I better release this model before it gets lost on my hard drive forever.

This model is a bit different than my other propeller models, in that it uses a real propeller schematic, so it actually looks like a wood propeller and not a flat bent board with a bunch of modifiers.


Making the slices to join together:

And finally the propeller in-game:


There are 4 propellers in the ZIP. There are two tractor props (pullers), one left handed and one right handed. There are also two pusher props, again left and right handed. It’s kind of hard to figure out which is which by looking at them, but the model names tell all. Total time to make the propeller was about 5 hours.


This is motherfucking amazing.

wtf did you make this with? NURBS?

I traced the contours of each slice, spaced them a half inch apart (IIRC) and used create polygon between each layer. I then used a tesselation on the model to smooth out some of the rough spots. I tried to not make the poly count too high, but I think the prop has about as many polies as my Bentley B.R.2 (10k ish)

There are a couple of problems around the tips of the blade that I tried to smooth out and it looks satisfactory, but I would have liked to do better. Unfortunately, I can’t find many propeller blueprints, due to them being purpose built for the application.

I am pretty sure I will find some use for this. Thanks:smile:

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How the hell did you manage to connect a propeller with sex poses?
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actually, those things are really smooth so there wouldn’t be any.

that sounds like a really inefficient way to make it but i can’t come up with anything better without opening max and trying it. i think you probably could have gotten a smooth affect via some chamfering though with far less polies; that’s one reason i hate turbo smooth and tessellation, they tend to add way more than you need. the end result is quite nice though.

More like boomerang when I first see it.

I like it, original. :slight_smile:

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