Wooden Shelter.

I was playing with my friend and group of bandits came so we ran into my shelter. Then, they started to hatchet our shelter and we took damage from it and we got killed.
is that suppose to happen or is it a glitch? because if ti is, we need to fix that.

From what I know (don’t have the game but seen lots of game play) Thats a clipping problem, if you stand by the wall the hatchet can clip past it and hit you as if the wall was not in the way. But that works both ways. So try to stay in the center of your shelter next time that happens.

Thy know about it and it is on there list.

It might be a glitch. If they chopped on your shelter, you and your friend would’ve been dead anyway. :rolleyes:

Yeah, it’s a bug in the game. Sucks too, I’ve died a few times standing in a shack.

If you hit a wood shelter and have wood in your hot bar and heal it, you see that a wood shelter has 1,000 health double that of a wood door so I don’t think its a bug.

There are clipping problems with the wooden shelter, even aggressive NPCs can hit you through it.