Wooden sign the label I can see for a short time

Hi ,
have the following problem and it affects not only me but many players.
when i install a wooden sign and it superscribed I can as soon as I leave the base and go back into the house I can not see the label. I think it’s a bug. Or someone has a solution for it?

Sry for my english is not so good


I agree, very disappointing.

It’s a bug of some sort, seems to have been around for a few weeks now. I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually. It’s not consistent, sometimes just having the signs leave and reenter my field of view makes them return to normal.

This will actually be fixed in the patch due to be released later today.

Enjoy :wink:

Garry tweeted about this a couple days back.

As Asbestross said, they will be fixed this update.