Wooden Signs/Images broken

Hi there.

it seems that images do not stay on wooden signs. hand painted or places with an oxide mod.

Anyone else having this issue since the last update?

It happens without any mods for thoose scrub saying otherwise… test it yourself.

yes I can verify it breaks with any type of sign painting.


same here. after a few minutes anything painted on any size sign simply disappears.

I’m playing London I Official, and signs have been broken since last patch. Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don’t. The same sign can be visible at a certain time, and not visible later on. Also different players can see the same sign differently (blank or painted). I think it has to do with loading and cache. Devs… to arms!!! :slight_smile:

I had run into this same issue a month back and one of the fixes I came across that worked for some people was to simply set their shader settings to about halfway in the graphic settings.

In my case it didn’t help so I decided to delete the storage db at C:/programfiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Rust/cache/ figuring it will of course generate a new one when I open the game, base and items will stay as its on the server and I put all my gear in a box to cover that. It worked like a charm and I could see all the signs again and paint to my hearts content. I might have had to re-enter door codes but I don’t remember.

If something bad happens to you if you delete that db don’t blame me, I’m just reporting what worked for others and what worked for me.