Wooden Signs

I have many doors in my base and it gets confusing to pick witch door is what and where does it lead to. So i think there should be craftable signs that you can put on walls to help you organize crates or inform you of witch floor your on. Tell me you thoughts about this idea below. :smile:

That and to leave nice little messages to previous raid victims?

Oh the joy!

Sounds too Minecraft esc. Maybe writing messages on pieces of cloth would be better.

Needing charcoal and wood planks to craft a sign is not Minecraft-ish in a sense…

Would a plank wrapped in cloth and words written in Charcoal be Rusty? It’s the same but a different texture.

A cloth rag to write on? sure, why not a sculptured stone? that wouldn’t be too minecrafty.

How about we just make crayons and draw on others bases? Just like when we were kids to our parents walls.

They should make it so you can write/draw on any surface with charcoal or maybe craftable paint. You would have to equip the charcoal etc and physically write/draw what you want (i.e., with the mouse). This would leave you vulnerable to attack while you’re drawing penises on your neighbor’s door. Other players would also have the ability to easily erase or cover up said drawn penises or replace them with their own.

Seriously though, I think it would be pretty cool to write messages or leave Hoboglyphs around!

Wooden signs could be quite useful, however I’d also be weary of their potential for abuse. Perhaps if they’re easy to destroy, and had a conservative character limit, it wouldn’t be a huge issue.

it wouldnt be an issue anyhow, noone cares about people that get offended by that shit. its a game, realize that and move on (as for griefing potential, who cares? have it be part of the game I dont mind. theres already much worse ways of griefing. a small shelter only costs like 50 wood but takes a long ass time to destroy…)

anyway I greatly support any means of leaving messages for other people, but the problem of not always finding the right way through your base? really??? can also be fixed by other means such as small stashes pointing in directions. or small boxes… stuff like that.

Minecraft didn’t invent wooden signs. Just because minecraft has a feature doesn’t mean no one else can have a similar one.

That’s a good idea until someone writes the meaning of life on one, and some dickhead with a rock comes over and destroys it.

It would be cool to drop a skull upon death that could be attached to those signs, as a kind of warning.