Wooden Wall = How Many Explosives?

I have put 3 Explosive Charges on the same wooden wall and it didn’t fall. What am I doing wrong?

You’re supposed to put them on one at a time, in the dead center.

In the event you didn’t do that, is the wall considerably darker then the rest of the house?

Yeah 2-3 should be able to do it if you put it remotely close to the center of the wall, one charge at a time. If it isn’t going then odds are that someone is on the inside and repairing that wall.

Well according to the playrustwiki.com it says 3-4 charges for a wall…you should of placed 1 more.

In my experience it only takes 2 to take down a wall.

I had to use 5 charges to blow up a wall yesterday. Yes i placed then one by one, and yes i placed them on the same exact spot, and yes, i found out that the same building had a wooden door on the other side and there wasn’t really anything inside :suicide:

Remember: Some walls blow up early due to the state of decay.
A “fresh” wall will take 4 to 5 C4 charges to blow up.

can you repair decayed walls?

I put up a fresh wall, 3 charges to destroy it,
made a new fresh wall, 3 charges again
the frist time i placed 2 at once, the one aftwards

place them all at the same time the 2nd time

2 charges and 1 grenade

Okay, than metal walls will take 4 to 5 c4…

Yes, just drag wood into your action bar, aim to the wall you want to repair and press the slot key (e.g. 4 if the wood is in slot 4). Works also with doors and metal walls (use metal fragments to repair).