Wooden Walls

I trapped a God-mode hacker in my house. As of this moment he is trying to break out with a wooden hatchet. Note I also have metal doors. Should I be scared of him breaking out?

The only way you would be scared is if he went into console to kill himself and found you again. Then you should be worried. As long as he stays in there, you’re fine.

this is funny.

It’s literally impossible for him to break out with solely a hatchet. Wood walls require C4.

Unless they have changed it, I watched a guy beat down a wood wall because he miss placed it with his pick. It took him like 30 minutes.

Stop. No. Dont. STOP. Don’t try !.. 1.000 players lost 30 minutes each trying it… :x video or false (instead of pic or false xP).

you can brake it without C4, fact. it just takes long