Wooden Walls

How can wooden walls be destroyed? C4/grenade only?

c4 only, or decay.

They can be destroyed with grenades but it would take quite a few… probably at least like 12 or more.

I haven’t tried recently, but awhile back grenades on walls just seemed to stop working at being effective. Previously it’d take 11/12 though.

I know from experience that it takes 11 grenades to destroy a metal door, but I’ve never seen a wall destroyed with that amount of explosives, if wooden walls and doorways could be destroyed with 10 or 11 grenades, the splash damage from attacking a door would likely destroy them as well, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Yea you’re right, I think something had changed along the way with how walls take damage from grenades and such…
Also, I know a while back they nerfed the grenade explosion radius, so that could have something to do with it not working so well now.