Woodland Hgrunts

This is my woodland reskin of Romka’s hgrunts. What this pack does is reskin Romka’s hgrunts
into Marines wearing the older Woodland Battle Dress Uniforms(BDUs) that the US Military has used since the early 1980s till recently. WARNING if you already have Romka’s hgrunts installed these new skins will REPLACE them. Credits go to Romka for the awesome new hgrunt models and the original skins.



Freakin’ awesome. Great job :slight_smile:

It’s allright.

Damn nice man, So downloading

It now lookslike U.S. army and i love the U.S. army. Can you also make ACU Hgrunts with sleeves?

lol in that last pic the 50cal would fucking rape that tank

In the last pic thier in survival mode :v: two tanks, two hunters, a boomer

I could make ACU hgrunts but not with longsleeves. in order to do that i would have to edit the model and i dont know anything about modeling.

Woodland cameo…

Yet in those pictures there not even in the woods :v:

You’ve got my download. :slight_smile:

Useful! :smile:

I understand then just reskin it

I always thought they were disproportional. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reskin is high quality on the other hand. :slight_smile:

So you want me to reskin it in ACU camo? OK, I’ll get started.Thanks everyone for your C&C. ACU Hgrunts should be done in a week or so if things go smoothly

Awesome shit right there.
When you make ACU grunts are you making their vests ACU as well or making it a tan color?

-snip, double toast-

Looks really good. Do you have the original models too? Can’t seem to find a link to them, and I want both because I’m greedy.

I already made ACU vest for these guys. anyways heres a little screenshot of what ive got done so far.
Ive still got some stuff to do.

1.ACU Helmets.
2.Add wrinkles to clothes
3.Improve overall detail
4.Boots need more work.
5.Add some dirt on uniforms, small stuff, ect

what do you guys think of it so far?

Sure. here are the original skins by romka. you cant use them both at the same time though since they will replace eachother.

Looks pretty good. I wish we could still roll up our sleeves like that but we can’t. Where did you the plain uniform texture without the camo pattern on it? I want it. :frowning:

Changing their gloves to a tan color would be nice.