Woodland SAS near dead forest.


Comment the pose, not the graphics.

That’s not SAS. Ok anyway.

The name of the model is wdlsas.mdl so i thought they were a SAS.

I see where you’re coming from.
yeah some people, when they hex models they need the same amount of letters as the original model name, so maybe they put ‘sas’ there as a replacement.

no it’s called wdlsas because it’s one of the MP models for the SAS in CoD4

He can call them SAS if he wants too, it’s not like there’s a sign saying “Dont call 'em SAS”
They’re models what does it matter.

the posing is p. good. mind telling me where you got those models?

combined soldier by somebody who likes combinations.

i think pretty much the stereotypical SAS we all know is All black gear and a gasmask with MP5

its what comes to mind whenever SAS is mentioned

apart from the Force Recon emblem

Unless I’m blind, or you mean the skull or the rubbed over flag.

the skull on the helmet yeh. it’s not really an accurate emblem but it’s a similar design and says “force” under it i think