Woodland Soldiers w. Citizen headhack.

I am looking for someone that is able to find the original Woodland Soldiers with Citizen Heads and make them playermodels.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=803 <-- I think this one contains the model files but eventually it has the photo of the models I am talking about.

It will be used for a MILSIM.

What? These models SUCKS, there are 9000 more better models on gmod.org

Link me then. Help me :slight_smile:

NOTE: Don’t bump a 2-week-old thread to ask for some links. PM him.
Is it really that hard to look through the RELEASES section?


Seriously. Use your brain.

I aint asking for links. Im asking for a favor if someone are able to make them playermodels. That something else exist that someone else thinks are better is completely irellevant.

Americans… pff.

Really? Maybe you would like to look at your second post since you so obviously didn’t ask for any links.

You wanted a link to something better, and it was provided. You were also told to PM the person that told you there were better models instead of bumping a thread that essentially died, that’s all.

Scandinavians…pff. :v:

I am a scandinavian.

And I don’t find that offensive :slight_smile:

I’m glad you don’t take offense, I only made that remark to make a point to Uzalon about their choice of words towards the end of their comment.