Woodsings bug to reach every roof

There is a bug with the woodsings, you can reach every roof if you use it. It works the same way than the pilars bug, you put the woodsigns in horizontal and there is no stability, so you can reach whatever you want from a trampoline…

I think I read that they had fixed that, have you seen this recently?

Yeah, this evening…

post a video on how it works if possible so this gets fixed like the other exploits of this kind.

I wont, because im leaveing the game for a long time

This game sucks right now…

Rocketlauncher and the blue print system (and other bad changes mades lately) is enough for me to leave the game

Garry doesnt care, i know, and my money is allready wasted in this game, but i wont waste more time

its about 2 weeks old expolit.

k bye.

see you when, like almost everyone else who has said this, you come back.

I said i will not play in a long time, i never said that i wont play ever again :rolleyes:

I hope to see some changes then, but the reality is that only can get worst knowing garry

Welcome to the wonderful world of early access ALPHA games. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Thanks for the info, you are so funny

^ he mad

Uhuh. lol He even took the time to tag every post that disagreed with him as “dumb” too. Sounds like there’s some serious butthurt there.

One can’t expect much sympathy coming here and whining like a spoiled brat that didn’t get his own way.

  • goes to community website for a game, insults that game, expects positive feedback from community *

Well, thats the normal stuff when there are fanatic people, you are right

I used to play a lot to rust, but rocketlaunchers fucked up the game, thats a fact, if you dont see it because of you are too fanatic, thats your problem

I guess someone’s rockbase got raided with rocketlaunchers and raidtowers with wood signs. Hope your butt gets well soon.

Hahaha. Seriously, ppl here love Rust. Many have played for hundreds of hours, (I have played over 1,500+ hours). So, you don’t like it, go and find a game you do like. Don’t complain because other people DO like the game…

I love Rust, but I also acknowledge that it has its issues. Addition of new content will inevitably cause bugs or open the door to exploits or uses not originally intended by the dev team. That’s the nature of an open alpha.

Things eventually get fixed. It just takes some time. When I started playing Rust a few months ago, the game was filles with holes and exploits. One by one, these got repaired. And that work continues.

Bringing up potential issues and exploits in a clear and concise manner (preferably with video) is the way to report issues. That’s being a productive member of the community and trying to improve the game. Creating a rage-quit thread saying how the game sucks will get you nowhere.

^^this. rocket launchers have only just been introduced and are being tested. give them time to figure out the balance before you start whinging that they have “broken” the game.