Woodwall with only 1 C4? Still possible?

Hello everyone its my first thread here.

I was wondering if it’s still possible to blow wood-walls with only one c4? Before that “little monday morning update” i was able to blow up nearly every wood wall with one C4 placed in the center of the wall.
After said update, i never ever managed to blow a wood wall with one C4.

checked youtube for recent video uploads and they still manage to do it, but I dont know if the video itself was recorded before or after the update.

So, is it still possible? And if yes, has anyone got a video, a screenshot or at least a hint where to place it?

And to save another thread a quick second question: Is it possible to blow up a doorway with a door in it? Or a window with windowbars in it? Or is that a bad idea/not possible?
The first question is more important for me :wink:

Thank you in advance an greetings from Austria :).

As far as I’m aware it takes two, however if a wall is decayed a certain amount I would imagine it could take one.

It used to take one placed on the center, but that was fixed a few weeks ago I believe.

No, it always blows away a static amount of the object health. However, as Syros said, if its decayed a little, it should blow with 1.

On an undecayed wall, it will always be 2 or more, and no matter where the C4 is placed on the wall (not near, on) it will do the same amount of damage (600, last time I tested).

Yep, you’re right. One C4 charge anywhere on a wood wall does 600 damage out of the 1,000 that the wall has. So one C4 will only work if the wall is decayed to 600 or less.

Also, as of right now if both the metal door and wood doorway are not decayed it doesn’t really matter where you place the C4. However, yes if you C4 a doorway the door goes down with it. Same goes for metal bars (at least I a pretty sure, I haven’t tried it since the last patch). If you’re raiding a metal base, always blow down the doors instead of doorways.