Woodwars Tank

A little short side project that I whipped up. Read about the woodwars thread and had a bit of nostalgia. Whitesinner told me to build a tank in Nodex, so I did.

This is the result.

The front.


The back.


The top.


Back again.


Interior (not much, but it does have one. :P)


Seat view.


Top again.


Side bottom.


And of course, destruction. >:)


Comments are welcome as always.

haha pancake tank

those were the days

Stop building, it is ruining my self-esteem.

Do you ever make stuff with wheels?

Why must you persist in being awesome?

Holy christ it’s a tankboat. A sweet tankboat.

I always felt that woodwars needed more boat :v:

LOL, really sekki?

You got me, no, I do not make anything with wheels, because I hate the wheels they give you in the spawnlist and I don’t want to go out and download a wheel pack. Wheels to me bind my creativity and freedom in building and I just don’t like them.

Because I do it for you guys. :smiley:

Yes! Now get your tank up and running and lets get that battle started, yeah? Waiting on you now.

My tank hit an iceberg derp

Never seen one of these before heh

Hovertank fad will begin in 3… 2…1.

i have a sudden urge to make a wheeled tank

Even with wood props you can make awesome stuff… I want your skills…

i know I’m nitpicking, But the armor doesn’t look very protective. don’t get me wrong it looks fabulous but as a functional wood wars tank i can’t hold up a 10. looks fabulous though.

Hahaha. Yeah, it doesn’t last very long. But I had a theory…

Iosekki’s Theory of Woodwars: by iosekki

“If it looks cool, maybe they won’t attack me because of how cool I am”

Really people are able to blow it up if they attack from above (explosive barrels at the top) or if they take out the turret house. :stuck_out_tongue:

you should look into developing the armor. I’m sure you could make it look nice yet be powerful at the same time. I found that a pallet with a layer of wood-board functioned as a very good light armor. For more bulky armor look into spacing and multiple layering of wood-boards, tables and pallets.

I would bring up an example of mine but the threads have all been deleted. il have a look through my pictures folder.

I demand you quit being so fucking awesome and be average so the rest of us have a chance.

The only thing bothering me is the lack of wheels/treads/contact with the ground.

If you’re gonna make a hovertank, it has to at least have an awesome glowing hover drive thing, or a bunch of glowing repluser things.

Holy fuck…

Does it blend? That is the question.

Does it give a generic back seat modding argument? That is the question.