woops! replaced my rebels! please help

i accidently replaced my rebels and medics with nexuselites killing floor models.(should have read the readme:suicide:) i know most of you will consider this stupid but im trying to find a way to fix this with out restarting gmod. i have so many download addons like custmizable weaponry, and others that would be a pain in the ass to re-add. please some one give me some advice. iv spent HOURS getting gmod to the state its at right now it would suck so much to restart. D:

halflife2 sound effect are not working: npcs, vehicles, ambiant, weapons(not addons of any kind), footsteps, ect. now what? please help! after i fixed the rebels i startes a game on flatgrass and everyhing was all good but today none of my sounds ^ work.

Find the specific files, delete them, verify game cache, Steam will automatically redownload the vanilla ones

Or just wipe them and launch the game anyhow. They’ll be extracted automatically.

Thank you all so much! I’ll try that now.

a lot of my sounds(footsteps, npc, ambiant, weapons, ect) have stoped working shortly after doing this. i started a new game on flatgrass and everything was working, i came back the next day and started a HL2 map (d3_coast3) and realized no sound effects were working besides those from addons. should i try the same technique to my sound folder? also i have not installed any addons lately. what should i do now?