Woozy Infiltration - Interactive Comic

You’re sleepy. You open your eyes, and the blinding light coming from behind the huge warehouse windows forces you to close them again. Warehouse? You crack open your eyes a bit more and look around, lazily taking in the scene. It doesn’t register immediately.


You look down…and then your brain begins responding. You see a masked man, reading a watch you can’t even see. Beside him is a MAC10, though you aren’t able to identify it from this distance. Near him is a dangerous-looking man pacing impatiently, reading a schedule. Your adrenaline begins pumping excessively when you realize you’re clinging to a hook twenty feet off the ground.


You feel drugged. Everything more than an inch away from your face seems blurry. Your muscular strength has returned only slightly after the brief scare you had a moment ago. It occurs to you that the men look dangerous. They haven’t spotted you yet. You begin feeling like being a hero. The nearest one is distracted, though he carries a rifle; you can probably take him if you get the jump on him. Better make it quick, because in a moment he’ll be out of jumping distance.


Just before you attempt to rise, a small tinge of pain shoots through your right calf, dulled by whatever is keeping you this way. You look down and your eyes snap open as much as they can at the sight: there’s a wrench sticking of your calf. Instead of wondering how to treat it, you think it may be useful as a weapon.


What do you do? Jump the nearest man? Throw the wrench at him? Continue holding on and wait? Jump down, sing a folk song, and then clobber both of them while they’re stunned? Write in?

Jump down and sing a folk song, but instead of just beating them with the wrench, take the mac10 and interrogate them.

Jump down and sing a folk song, but instead of just beating them with the wrench, take the mac10 and interrogate them.

Woozy as before, you attempt to rise, steadying yourself rather shakily against the hook. You pause a moment and regain your bearings. Then you take hold of the wrench. With a mighty tug, you rip the thing out of your leg. Whatever is dulling your senses numbs the pain, and you only wince a bit.


You spot the man closest to you. He begins walking away, narrowing your window of opportunity; he is no longer viewing his clipboard. You brace yourself, poorly calculate the distance, and…


…you jump. Your lungs are too weak to utter a sound, and you merely wince yet again when you realize how much this fall will probably hurt.


Success! Your jump worked…sort of. Rather than a smooth tackle, however, you end up striking the side of the man and you both noisily tumble into the gravel.


You find yourself sprawled in the gravel. Your target is down, unconscious from a blow to the head by one of your pathetic flailing arms. His weapon is out of reach. You tightly clutch the wrench; nearby, the other armed man has been alerted. He has not reached for his weapon; he merely stands watching your heaving form, somewhat amused. Your lungs feel too weak to sing a folk song to stun the terrorist. Jumping was probably an awful idea, you think.


What do you do now?

Quickly enter a deep meditative state and call forth the aid of Set.

pretend your dead

Pretend you’re unconscious and wait to see what the man will do.

sing a show tune.

(Hey, Golden. I hope you don’t mind if I do some stuff similar to your comic, but there’s no real way I can make this even remotely humorous without borrowing a tiny bit.)

You’re in a lot of pain. You slump and then collapse, trying not to move. You hope he assumes you’re not conscious. Unfortunately, he just strides over and then kicks you really, really hard in the side, evidently not believing your facade. A fight begins.


You rise to your feet, unsteadily, wobbling, your legs threatening to betray you and drop you to the ground. Tightly clenching the wrench, you confront your assailant, who has assumed some sort of karate position.


Terrorist used Creepy Zombie Walk!


***Creepy Zombie Walk left Woozy slightly unsettled and a bit disturbed!

It had little effect.***


Woozy’s turn. Terrorist continues trying to scare you without much effect.


*What do you do?

A. Clobber him with the wrench
B. Attempt to sing, possibly having no effect
C. Do a zombie walk
D. Call a relative and ask which to pick

B) attemp to sing but actually your screaming on the top of your lungs! this means that the terrorist will be dazed out or maybe running away.


then clobber him while he’s distracted


also, in my opinion, mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery :dance:

I’ve run into some minor…cough…delays, most of which were my fault anyway. Expect some more up by tomorrow.

I’d like a few more opinions before I continue, though.

As I told you in Steam, kick the man in the 'nads and run away screaming like a little girl.

The kicking part is crucial.

*You decide that, since your opponent isn’t interested in immediate lethality, you will sing a show tune.

Woozy has used…show tune!*


Instead of a pure note escaping your vocal cords, however, some dust from the gravel tickles you, forcing you to cough violently. You end up clobbering your knee with the wrench, and you wince in pain.


The reflex from striking the nerve in your knee causes your leg to jerk forward and hit the terrorist in a…uh…sensitive area.


***Terrorist has taken 100 damage! CRITICAL HIT!!!

It was super effective!

Terrorist has fainted!***


*Woozy has gained +10 XP!

You loot the unconscious terrorist and receive…

…a Mac 10 with a spare magazine, a mysterious pot, and an old boot! You also receive a backpack! You manage a half-awake grin. Somewhere, a Nintendo employee facepalms at the shameless LoZ ripoff.*


Woozy assembles the items and is set to go. But where to go, and what to do now?


Choice suggestions (it’s write it, but you may want to factor these into your post):

A. Proceed through the huge front door and out into the unknown
B. Explore the building further
C. Put the pan on your head and phone your parents/consult the audience

C. Put the pan on your head and phone your parents/consult the audience

B) explore. maybe you’ll find some more stuff hanging around

Keep posting - this isn’t dead. To tell you the truth, I got wrapped up in other stuff and for that it existed.

B. Who knows, you might even find yourself a crowbar, like in all the half life games you do.