Words appear on screen (like Half-Life 2)

Not sure how they did this, looked around and couldn’t find a tutorial.

I’ve never looked into it before this.

Is it just a custom texture on an overlay or something?


game_text i believe

also, use the goddamn help thread.

This? HUD_PRINTCENTER - Prints to the center of the client’s screen

That’s LUA, it’s done through the entity game_text in HL2.

Ooh, right. I’m sorry, I thought I was in the LUA section.

There are two ways to tell what section you are in.

  1. The large amount of topics relating to mapping
  2. The fact that the section is called mapping might also give a hint.

And there’s another way to explain how I posted in the wrong section.
I got home from school, opened every section I use to be in (LUA & Subforums, Screenshots & Subforums, General Games, Garry’s Mod Discussions, Mapping), and then I open every thread I find interesting in a new tab.
This way, I posted in the wrong section.

For completeness:

Valve actually use env_message for their messages, but this requires a mod, since the text that appears on screen is defined by a separate txt file and as such, isn’t very helpful.

Game_text is the way forwards in this case since you can define what it displays it in hammer.