[Work] Famas Felin reborn

Hello everyone, so i think you’ve seen like me the “BO2 swep pack” who’s including the Famas Felin, and for me it needed to be corrected on some points:

1 - : The color, bitch please, it looks like “McFlurry Camo” and the jaw-protect with the white bands, a hobo weapon?

2 - : Animations, i doesn’t know any guns who’s able to charge the first bullet of the gun without pull the boltback, it seems that this one can, and i’ve already used a Felin, no sir, you have to pull the bolt back.

3 - : The sights, okay that ones seems legit, just need to be bodygrouped, that’ll be helpfull if someone want to work on it, you’ll be able to work on it with the customizabel base for exemple.

4 - : Hands, please COD go away, a little tip for you modellers (or gods if you wish) the CSS hands are hidden in the COD hands, please, delivers them from the tirany of COD ;_;

5 - : The world model, don’t worry guys, i’ve already solved this problem, i just have to modify that “camo”

So, i’m sorry to ask the help of the facepunch community but, i’m not asking only them, i’m asking the gun lovers community too, i know you’re a lot, im already working on the black textures but the animation isn’t my cup of tea because i don’t really know much about modelling.

Oh and before some screens, i know, COD have killed a lot of kids, and more than that, a lot of reality things, like, yes the felin ;_;

Screens (make me throw-up sometimes, heh):

The Real FELIN:


The hands, the “camo” and the jaw-protect:


The sights:


the model and the world model is downloadable here:

Thanks for the help guys :smiley: