Work Thread: gm_riversidev3

Recently I picked up my old “Gm_riverside” map I created for the 2007 Gmod beta. I looked it over and noticed I virtually destroyed the project with the second build of it. Yesterday, I decompiled the original outlands map and started the project anew. Changelog you say?

Changes b2>v3:
-Fully noded (Air nodes pending)
-Ambient sounds now work like they were meant to
-Base is fully intact
-Working ladder
-Decompiled the next level and added that to the map
-Larger play area
-FPS increase
-Detail sustained in the transition
-Noding up the ass
-Nice tunnel effect sustained
-Rock slide secret area built-in
-Nice landscaping sustained

It’s just a decompile of Valve’s outlands level you cheap douchebag!
No, it’s not. It may very well be a decompile, but it sure isn’t the same thing. This will be modified extensively to suit the sandbox aspect of Gmod while retaining its aesthetic qualities. I did have to remove some foliage to keep the FPS at a nice sexy rate, but it’s hardly noticeable. For the most part, it could be considered an exploration or posing map. It could be used for RP (gm_riversideb2 was used by TnB), but I’m not going to hack it up for that.
What do I need to run this?
You will need Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and a decent computer.
How can I help?
If you’re good with displacements, you got the job.
So why would I download this and not just use the outlands map? While you could do that, the Valve map is designed for single-player, mine is designed around multiplayer. Not only is it faster, it’s larger.
You’re still a lazy douchebag.
I can’t stress this enough: Don’t overthink this map. I’m not trying to blind you with eye-candy to get good ratings or to show off my sup3r l337 mapping skillz.


This area was especially hard to decide on, so I want YOU to decide: Should I keep the piece of the gate where it is, or simply remove it?

Eye Candy: Cliff overlooking the play area.

I extended the river in both directions, this one is a deeper trench.

Any questions?

i’d be willing to compile for you if you wanted.

if you want i can compile and add some pictures if you wanted.

Since you decompiled it, remake EVERY aspect of it. It will be really buggy otherwise

Don’t worry. That’s what testing is for. So far, exploring it with lightmapping turns up nothing.

Really late response here, but going on the fact that you only have 25 posts, I’m not too confident in your abilities.

You need to optimize your map, otherwise vvis will take very long time, doesn’t matter what computer.

I am not new to the forums if thats what you are implying. my other account got banned. I have a WIP thread here if you still are unsure with me but I really would be able to help you.

Quite obviously, I’m not inexperienced.

If you believe you’ve optimized it well enough, Then i can take a shot at compiling it if your computer is that bad.

Ironically, I just found the problem. Valve didn’t func_detail the cylinders the add-on is made up of (Like I thought they would), and I had to go back and func_detail them. I lowered the amount of visleafs drastically.

I hit another setback: VRAD stopped compiling. I’ll look into the error, but I may need your assistance

You’re working off a decompile. That speaks volumes.

I don’t see how.

Just because he’s working off a decompile doesn’t mean he has no experience.

It’s HIS decompile

Wait… No it’s not…

BAM. Update. Finally got it to compile.

Congratulations! Now when can we expect a release?

…I think you should keep the little gate thing. It adds a neat little touch, of sorts. I mean, unless you’re going for total “away from everything” sort of river, then you could remove it.

…I believe this map is dead.