Work together

Hi I’m Jessy and I am looking for someone who wants to work with me garrysmod server , I already have a host with 32 slots, but I want someone who wants to work together.

I’m looking for someone who is very technical and knows a lot of garrysmod servers.


What type of server?


I knew he would say that…

DarkRP is easy you can find tutorials any were on that and don’t really need a partner but more a friend.

CityRP, you could ask Collin, or goto the list of gamemodes post, their you would find CityRP though you will have lots of errors, and need MySQL knowladge.

At the moment how ever roleplay server are not getting anywhere is the community does out along time ago as a dirrect result of DarkRP, I own a growing community wich has many servers roleplay being the 2nd most popular and that’s becuase people liked my idea, shame though since theirs not much really going for you.

List of gamemodes:

I’m not awear if CityRP really works since EvoRP is gone now and their website is not up and the owner has not been online in 60 days or so.


Your best bet would be a fun non serious server like TTT or Jailbreak, jailbreak is my community’s most popular.

Just as a reminder, a partner or ‘Co-owner’ should be someone you trust, and is a friend, as randoms help as much as a CSGO Matchmaking team with no communication.

Oke Thx m8