Workaround for "Too many brush models"

So heres my problem:

Im currently near completion of this map:

My compile Log gives me this

Too many brush models in map, max = 1024

For all I know this means I have to many solid(brush) entities.
Since most of them are just doors, triggers and such I cant just delete them.

Is there any way of working around this limit as you can do for the brushsides limit by using propper?

Thanks in advance

Try using propper

You could try to make your own changes to VBSP to compile without the limits, or higher limits than whats already defined. This causes its own problems in stability and performance. So for production, this would be considered to be poor performance.

Now onto your issue, you’re getting a problem with brush models (MAX_MAP_MODELS). These are “func_” entities. So your func_door, func_breakable, func_button etc will be counted towards this limit. Your trigger brush will not be included in any of the limits.
Func_detail is also not counted towards your Max map model limit either.

So the solutions are as outlined:
-Simplify your brush models.
-Use models
-Remove excessive brush models.

I am doing this quite a bit but that only reduces my brushsides etc so it doesn’t help me for solid entities … For now

That sounds interesting. I might look into that!

After removing a trigger the entity count did go down tho! I checked under “map>show information”
I only ever got the Problem after adding all trigger_soundscapes.

Do more complex func_ entities count more towards the limit?
If so I could change moving objects to props patented to more simple fund_ entities.

Atm I’m trying to export my models into 3ds max (doors e.g) that I had created with propper and that are being moved (parented) by a fund_door. That way I could add a animation so all func_“movers” associated with that would not be needed anymore.

I’m running into lots of problems so far and it might be because the smds were created using propper.
With max 9 cannon fodders plugins do not work.
With max 12 they do but crash when trying to import.

I just want to get that map finished an start something new ugh :smiley:

Thanks for the replies

I made it :slight_smile:

reduced the solid entities by turning doors into animated props.
I wrote a guid on how to do it here :