Workbench and blueprints idea.

Okay! I just had this wonderful(terrible) idea about how workbenches and blueprints should interact more. I dont know about everyone else here… but I fail to see how one man could possibly be able to store all that knowledge about all the crap he can make just by looking it over once… I propose that blueprints, instead of being learned by the character, are -stored- inside your bench.

Now something like this would also have to change how the research kit works too… Instead of learning the patterns… it would produce a blueprint to be stored inside the workbench. Granted, it would make life suck all that much more if your base gets raided… but look at it like this, armor/weapon/tool blueprints could be traded off without the need to waste resources… and raiding a base that has been around for a while with a workbench could make your night that much better, gear included or not.

They’ll be changing blueprints and whole researching system soon.

Awe… That let the wind out of my sails. XD

EDIT: Where do you get such information anyways?

I do kinda like that you can remember the learned blueprints tho …

Traded off? Lol. The general mentality will go more like…
Take it off your corpse :wink:

Well, that already happens when you find goodies and are trying to get them back to your base. XD