Workbench level 3 idea

Need to use scrap metel to make it like 10 or something.

What is this meant to mean?

your questions too broad what are you specifically asking

The OP didn’t make sense. Can you rephrase what your idea is?

it would be another material needed to make workbenches and or research benche/repair bench since scrap metal does not have a use in the game besides scrapping. it would also make getting a level 2 and level 3 workbench a little harder

as in this type of scrap?

it already costs 1250 scrap to make a tier 3 workbench

sheet metal sorry misunderstanding my bad

ah I see. Yeah I agree that sheet metal has very few uses, though not sure if it would be good for this crafting recipe. Maybe just other stuff in the future

the objects in question already have sheet metal in the design so it would also make sense a little bit but I appreciate you talking with me thank you