Workbench not working

Figured I’d post here and see if anyone else were having similar issues. I am currently unable to craft anything that requires a workbench on the server I play on. Noone else on the server seems to be having the problem. I’ve tried standing next to my work bench, placing workbenches in different rooms, standing ON the workbench, but it still has “Requires workbench” in red text and wont let me craft. Anybody else in the same boat or figure out a fix if so?

Over your Health Display their must be in Green Letters displayed ,Workbench,
Sounds like this Server dont like it if everybody has this problem.I have no idea why

Not quite sure whether this applies to your situation, but I had the same problem.
And it was caused by me being desynced.

The remedy for me was to disconnect and reconnect again to the server, to get back in sync.
If this does not fix it for you, you have a different problem.

maybe the work bench and where you’re standing is bugged try to move it or make another see if that works for you! Good luck!