Workbenches not working AUS Official!!

For some reason it stays red at the bottom (Requires Workbench) Even when im standing right near it

Ive tryed relogging, destroying, making new ones etc

but I cant get it to work

Anyone know whats going on?

Maybe that workbench is bugged build another one

Did you read my post?

We’ve had the same problem on UK3 for about 3 days now. I’ve posted about it before but no response. Rebuilding, relogging and everything we’ve tried does not work.

Same for me and my group of friends on UK3 for the past few days. The thing is though, it doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone.
Its like we’re in some sort of limbo because comfort from the campfire doesn’t work and your rad levels dont go up either.

its because the game was meant to be for US and no one else

Same on US east coast 3. Made another still can’t use.

anyone figured out whats happening here?


The AUS Official needs an urgent wipe, the server is just garbage, Laggy, things don’t work and buildings everywhere…

can someone respond who resets servers etc