Do you have to research workbenches?

If you do have to research it there is going to be balance issues and I think it would create even more of a gap between new players/new spawns/small groups and the clans.

You dont have to research a Workbench. Are you playing in the EU Server? I think that’s the problem

Yeah im playing on the EU one

there is no updates on eu server, only on us server. and they are both glitched atm, so only today and tomorrow pat will fix it for us, crashes,dupes, and lag step

At the moment the EU server doesn’t have workbenches in. The US servers do though. And they’re kind of a pain in the arse along with furnaces.

That explains it. How do you use it and what do you need to make it

I dont get why the EU server seems to be the worst one when Garry base in the UK.

Not sure of the exact amount but you need wood and stones to make the workbench. Stones are a new resource from smacking rocks. So rocks now produce rocks, metal ore and sulphur ore.

The thing that has me concerned though is that in order to craft a pistol or even make a hatchet you need to get the materials needed to make both a furnace and a workbench. Furnace to smelt down your metal ores and sulphur (but they do so at a faster rate than what campfires did!) and then the workbench to craft the pistol.

This in my opinion makes it a pain in the arse for fresh spawns. As to make the furnace you need to make that new fuel that was added, and to make that fuel you need to kill animals to get animal fat and cloth. Then you need to smack a rock until you have 10 stones and then you need a bit of wood.

All this while a naked fresh spawn with nothing but a rock to your name? God forbid anyone new tries to join a PvP server a few hours after a wipe. They just made it a lot harder for you to craft any weapons.

Making it harder to make weapons seem to be the right direction in order to stop all the spawn killing but it does seem from what you describe it makes new spawns more defenseless

I think the furnace is a great adding to the game, it slows down the process of getting weapons (which is good!) BUT getting a hatchet in my opinion is too hard, you have to craft 10 metal but in order to do that you need to have a furnace first and to have a furnance you have to find and kill an animal (not easy sometimes)…
So hatchet should be a bit more easy to craft


To fix the hatchet problem, it’s pretty easy. Back in the day we made knives and hatchets out of stone by flinting the stone, make it hatchet= 10x Stone + 20 wood

Problem solved.

ye it shode be a stone hatchet ho is a bit Less powerful than a hatchet

I’d still personally skip it and go straight for the hatchet. I always manufacture a few once you’ve got a dwelling. The stone by itself isn’t terrible (super slow) but you don’t really have it for long. Still… I do see how an inbetween step might be handy if you’re just caught in a constant patch of getting insta gibbed :slight_smile:

And maybe. Later on. We could get a shovel. Dig down into caves and mine for diamonds to make diamond armor!

to much minecraft :v:

Maybe less wood would be better as 20 wood easy to get when there a wood pile but not when there is only trees.

That is not near what I was thinking of…

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Hey! I have an idea… Everything is too hard to get cause people always kill you. So why don’t we just give stuff out fo free, ban everyone who is acting like a bandit. Cause the bandits are killing the new players, it is kindof unfair so they all need a ban. Moderators have an advantage over people cause they can make the game like they want, solution= Make everyone a moderator, that way everything is fair.
And hey. Zombies move to fast and damage you alot, why not keep the zombies, but just make it so they can’t hit you. Or even better! Everyone spawns with a full kevlar body armor and a katana. Cause giving everyone firearms would be unfair. Speaking about unfair. Guns are too powerful, let’s remove them from the game and replace them with throwing rowcks… Actually… No. Trowing rocks give you an advantage over the melee weapons. So just melee weapons and no ranged ones!

For fucks sake people… The game is meant to be unfair, you need to work hard to get shit!

Just make it so you can loot a dead man and take his penis to use as a melee weapon. That way noobs have somewhere to start after first blood