Working bug (openaura) - hang and kill even OTA with just hands! Fix included.

I can’t keep it anymore…

Some days ago, playing on another shitty Russian HL2RP server i found that saying too much Russian text causes client to freeze for 1-2 seconds.

A bug.

  1. bind <key> “say ыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыы”
  2. press <key> again and again, then kill frozen players with hands (don’t stop pressing <key>).
    Works on 98% of players - idk why.

I got downloaded openaura & hl2rp from (spoiler) and looked through code, then made a temporary client-side fix that causes every text size be calculated with same width&height, so, now everything (chat, text, etc) looks weird, but the client doesn’t hangs.
Then i found that saying that also freezes everyone who can hear you.
I decided to give the fix to some peoples (asking them to never give that fix to anyone), and release it when any of them will give that fix to someone else (sadly, it happened in 2 days).

Peoples who got fix from me
D}|{ET ( admin) - leaked a fix to (as LIskar said)
Collision (doesn’t host any openaura servers - used for clientside fun)
LIskar (don’t know server ip, but he definitely have one)

The fix, damnit!
How to apply clientside (while connected to a server): Just run this lua code.
How to apply serverside: download pirated openaura (or become a kurozael) and replace respective functions in gamemodes\openaura\gamemode\openaura\sh_core.lua

	-- A function to get the size of text.
	function openAura:GetTextSize(font, text)
		local lol1,lol2=self:GetCachedTextSize(font,text);
		return lol1,lol2;
		-- @fixed

	-- A function to get a cached text size.
	function openAura:GetCachedTextSize(font, text)
		if (!self.CachedTextSizes) then
			self.CachedTextSizes = {};
		if ( !self.CachedTextSizes[font] ) then
			self.CachedTextSizes[font] = {};
		if ( !self.CachedTextSizes[font][text] ) then
			-- print('openAura:GetCachedTextSize('..font..', '..text..')');
			--self.CachedTextSizes[font][text] = { 200,20 };
			self.CachedTextSizes[font][text] = { surface.GetTextSize(text) };
		-- @fixed
		--print( unpack( self.CachedTextSizes[font][text] ) );
		return self.CachedTextSizes[font][text][1],self.CachedTextSizes[font][text][2];

p.s. kurozael, i don’t know who are you and don’t have anything against. But i definitely hate idea of selling gamemodes, for 150€, or 50€, or even 0.1€. And i also hate peoples who steal someone else’s code. Sorry for that.

bug: me
fix: me
© 2011 do not share, re-distribute or modify
without permission of its author (kurozael…
wait… OH SHI~~

shit man you and your CRAPPY PIRATED VERSIONS. everyone knows only LEGIT versions won’t have these bugs, shit, all it takes is fucking $75 dollars and you STOP MAGICALLY HAVING BUGS

So, that means, you can crash only pirated OA servers? Sorry, i didn’t found legit ones to test this.

its a joke
forget i said anything


Not the best solution, there is a way without the removal of the functional of GetTextSize() and other functions.

The old solution was:

  1. check the EACH symbol size
  2. if (size==0) then size=size of “U”

The new solution is:
Check whole text size, because GetTextSize() is not so buggy anymore.

AFAIK, only cracked servers affected with that.

i understand
I will say in Russian, bcs seems I talks only with you
Я понимаю, просто хочу сказать, что это не единственный метод. Я также исправил эту проблему, но совершенно иным методом без урезания дефолтного функционала.


Но при чем тут это вообще?

maybe it’s a unicode thing and that’s sending a pretty huge string from server to client/vice versa

Where, where i removed functional of GetTextSize()? It works exactly the same, but ten times faster.

Nope, it’s just buggy unpack()

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My friend reporting that there is still tons of OA servers where this bug works (he is having fun with that bug atm, lol). However, you will need SE bypass to run this fix clientside (or you should be VERY lucky to become one of 2% who won’t affected with that)