After wanting to make a realistic bulldozer in Garry’s Mod, I have finally made a real functioning caterpillar track system. All caterpillars in gmod are usually static or holographic props and are just for show. But after long thought and endless attempts, I have made a working pair of tracks :v:. Yes, there are many flaws with them. I know. The point is, these tracks dont require wire or holo or any of that stuff its all made legit gmod. They are teethed 8x4s coupled together with rope and wrapped around 3 thick wheels. The teeth stop the tracks from coming off the wheels. The best part is, they have all the benefits of real life caterpillar tracks! They move across rough terrain better and prevent getting stuck on angles, unlike wheels and holo tanks.
building the prototype
the complete prototype

Tell me what you think :dance: ]I wont bother listing the flaws in the design because we can all see them. Remember, it is a prototype.

Looks very nice! I tried making some physical tracks long ago and didn’t work out a way to keep them sliding around. You might want to make the large gears spherical with the tool. It might smooth some of the motion.

I like your name btw :v:

thanks! i tried what you said but the spherical tool, as you said, makes it slide around. the tracks need to be able to lock on to the wheels to convey.

thanks anyway though :downs: