Working Gmow

So, looking around for a working Gmow, I haven’t found one that either works or is updated to the newest gmod (either not updated to 9 to 11 or 10 to 11)

So, I was just wondering if you facepunchers had a working one? I have gmod 10, if that helps (OB updated version)

This is probably the wrong section, if so, please move it



Anybody have one atall?

Buy gmod 10

Durrr, I do have gmod 10

So I guess noone has one.

If you have Gmod 10, why do you need us to buy you another? :downs:


a.k.a buy Gmod and stop pirating things

Òh for god sake, i’m asking for the vehicle mod. GMOW

Everyone I’ve tried hasn’t updated to gmod 10 its still gmod 9 format, or the old gmod 10


No then.

It’s not going to work-the creator is coming out with a new version of GMOW that will release around the time of the next Evocity map…or before, not too sure. If you do some poking around in the post itself, you’ll see me asking the exact same question.