Working Helicopter

This is my first upload so don’t expect too much. Basically, it’s a helicopter that does not use thrusters or hoverballs to achieve lift. It’s easily modifiable (guns, jump drive etc.) so have fun with it. Instructions are in the .zip folder. Sorry i don’t have any pictures, i’ll try to get some soon. Share your comments please!

Download Here:

EDIT: I now have pictures!!!

Still Helicopter

Helicopter in mid-air

The cockpit

This part covers the helicopter v2.

Well this is my SECOND upload, a passenger helicopter. It is pretty much an enlargement of my first helicopter, albeit slower (liftoff takes about 10 seconds) but it has two extra seats. The controls are less annoying and more WSAD-ish
8-take off
4-6 Steer

  • go forward (press with your pinkie)

Download both of them here!

What does the jump drive do?

it says you can put that on if you want to.

A jump drive is a wire component that teleports whatever it is welded to to a location set by coordinates that you put into the device. I haven’t tried to attach it yet, i might. Note that it has a strange hovering affect that might disrupt the helicopter’s flight.

Oh i thought it meant that it had one attatched, that you could change.

Just downloaded it. I only figured out 7 is up 0 is down 8 is left and 9 is right.

I didn’t set 0 to be down… forgot to add thrusters too. Sorry bout that.

To fix that, get out the physical properties tool, make sure “Gravity Toggle” is checked, and shoot the drive.

So what does it look like?

He added pictures to the OP.

Needless to say, It’s good looking.



Those are the best, most creative and fucking awesome rotor blades I have EVER seen in my entire life.
It’s such a marvelous piece of artwork!
Look at those furious windows and the rotating fully completed and flexible Swashplate and rotor head on it’s roof!

Such a huge artistic value this has, may I humbly ask how you created such aesthetics?
How was this designed? I am curious of your methods.
What inspired you, that is my biggest question. The ordinary person in the world of Garrys Mod cannot just “Walk over” and create this.
It is truly, gold in pixel.

It’s like it tells the viewer a story. A story of great drama, rage and love at once.
The word “Legendary” would not properly describe this. It is god-like.
I can finally say “God-like” after being atheist all these years, just because: Finally, I know who is god. You, my master, YOU! are the greatest creature on this planet, you are the GOD of this forum.
I applaud you. A medal or a trophy would not be enough for you. Sadly, the biggest thing I can give you is not physical, but only exists in our minds.

I grant you my respect.
Treat us well, my lord.

OT: It’s really simple to hook up an advanced pod controller to numpad outputs if you have wire installed to make it WASD controlled. That would make it better to fly, because numpad can be annoying.

I want to know, though: How did you make it fly without hoverballs or thrusters? I love helicopters, but I’ve never tried to make one in garry’s mod because I don’t know how to achieve lift without hoverballs or thrusters.

I just used magic.

Just kidding, used the fin STOOL on the rotor parts and welded them to the wheel. Without keep upright though, the helicopter is uncontrollable. Working on that. In my next release i might include a WSAD control scheme. Thanks for the suggestion!



This is isanely awesome, some would so revolutionary in construction

Revolutionary work. I like the fact the cockpit is simply a empty room with a chair on the floor, as it implies a rich backstory of the chopper being designed by telekinetic aliens with no need for controls. I assume the rotors are designed for a atmosphere of treacle or some other thick liquid?

Such a marvelous piece of artwork by a handsome and wise engineer.
The fact that your helicopter takes use of the tool called “Keep Upright” is just amazing, not in the time of humans has anyone been able to master that godly tool.

my sarcasm senses are tingling :V

If you don’t appreciate this contraption, you don’t deserve to live. Go back to your shitty quaternion-stabilized helicopters with flight coded to perfectly emulate real blades, we’re busy admiring this work of genius.

Baylock, the crazy man speaks the truth.
We are null and nothing compared to the original creator of this.

The creator has achieved something this, and every other Garrys Mod related community has been striving for for ages!

Oh, I know and totally agree with you. I was just being sarcastic.