Working L4D models(The ones on don't work)

Yeah. Can someone put their’s in a folder and put on Filefront or something? Thanks.

It’s becouse you need the last version of Garrys Mod to use L4D content.
The ondes there do work
If you cant dowenload from (Its been a pain in the ass recently) look for a tutorial here on the forums!

I can download them, just the eye textures are fucked up and there is no faceposing.

What version of GMOD do you have?

Gmod 10 with the latest update. I’ll try again and post my results.

type -dxlevel 90 in the launch options

Maybe it’s your computer or the graphics card.

I tried that earlier and it made Gmod super slow. I’m trying some different ones that I found on

All the common infected and the skin 1 versions of the survivors slow your frame rate to none existance (and its not as if i’ve got a low spec comp, its very high spec, which worries me as to whats actually causing it to do that @.@ and its not just me it does that to.)

Sometimes, downloading custom skins for the survivors is better than the default one.

Zoey lagged like crazy, until i dled someones cleaned-up skin for her. Much better now.

Yeah, but the eyes always are bad+the nonexistent faceposing. I’ll try the Dx level 90 thing again.

Ah i see. That seems to be a problem with that update that added jigglebones support. I never had problems until that came out.