Working L4D1 And L4D2 Characters With Improved Physics (Not Francis)

Here are all the L4D models now working in GMod
And now with a working Francis. Thanks to LurkyLurker for the fix. He took it upon him self to get Francis’s physics in order. Is much appreciated:smile:

(I can’t change the thread title)

Copy the Francis fix
to garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\L4dcast hexxed\models\surviphys and overwrite.

Thanks to lonefirewarrior for the original hexing tip.
Credit to Romka for additional physics files.
Thanks to Wingwolf for hexing them

Now bring the good L4D times back.


Francis: I hate physics

Cheers Rasti.

you’ve done good.

That’s amazing!

I believe I used these before the GMod 13 jump.

Don’t get me wrong, they do seem flexible, but it seems like it sacrificed the movable shoulders the standard L4D models have. Can’t say I was really fond of that. Does this version address that issue?

I could kiss you.

If I understand you correct, no I am afraid not. I used this pack because they are hexed and no conflict will arise.
Wanted to make sure the edit worked. If it will work on the original physics I don’t know. Will look in to it.

But for the time being, this is better than no L4D models.

Op updated with Francis fix.

I downloaded this and it still has the floppy zoey hair, floppy luis tie, and spazzy holster problems.


Blame jigglebones.

First report I hear about that. Works for others I have talked to. I must admit my ignorance on the matter.

Well they don’t work in 13 for me, but they do in 12. Let me also report that. The L4d2 ones do, but not the L4D1’s.

Watch the crappy video and you’ll see what I mean. Zoey’s hair jiggles and spazzes out, the holsters do it, and Louis’ tie.

I can’t find any fix to it. Was hoping these addressed it but nope same problem. It’s a little hard making a video with Zoey’s hair jiggling around when I’m holding her head with the physgun beam or Louis’ tie spazzing out.

Oh well. At least they actually work in 12.

love them, will you be doing the infected too?

That is a job for a modeler. I am not a modeler.

Stupid question, but are the textures fixed?

Was not anything wrong with the textures. Was the physics that needed fixing.

Thank you, Rastifan!