Working on a Gun Game Map

Im working on a new Gun Game map… I would like some feedback on it and what I should add. its called gg_barnhouse but I think it needs a new name. Also in GG maps do I need to make a trigger so the teams switch sides? Thanks heres some pictures…

Get rid of the dev textures and properly texture stuff.

Ya il do that XD

Don’t use XD around here. Just a tip mate. I did and I got flamed. The geometry is pretty blocky. I suggest adding in curves and shit.

It’s kinda blocky, lighting is kinda bland and you mustn’t keep it in dev textures. Looks alright I guess, still needs more work.

Also, you need sources for your lights.

Either scrap map or detail it.

Also, I’m pretty sure you didn’t optimize it.

Looks blocky, generic, you lack light sources, texturing is bland.

CSS community is going to love it.

Generic Counter Strike Source map, don’t use dev textures unless you can actually make them look good.

more curvy shit and texturing and it WILL look better.