Working on a Joker skin for Gman.




Wow… You posted a billion pictures and released and no one had a chance to comment…

I would have suggested the use of normal maps for his make up?

I remember when people made skins like these all the time back in 05-06 and people were commended for them.


I remember my FIRST skin…

I received no commemoration… :sigh:

Good times. :3

What maps? I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Also, if some one could fix said maps I’ll love you.

No more of these. This is not original. It is old. It is infuriating. It is over-used. Leave it the heck alone.

You bumped a two weeks old thread just to say that?

Skin work is good, the concept is a tad dated.

…? The Joker wasn’t as popular yet in 05-06 cause Dark Knight wasn’t released yet. And I’d say it needs a lot more work. Especially his suit, which is a very important part of the joker. You cannot just color it purple

Yes. Yes I did.