Working on a new map - rp_underground_base

Check out the new map I’m working on!



  • Huge desert area with massive 3D skybox [skybox is a WIP]
  • Underground base area with blast doors, doors with cool animations and more!
  • Ability to launch a missile from one of the silos [Fully complete]
  • Ability to lock down the base from inside (prerequisite to launch the missile) which automatically closes all blast doors
  • “Inconspicious” house which inside is actually a secret control room: you can either take an elevator down into the base, or choose to bring the entire house down into it! (When the house is lowered, it is completely hidden from the outside.)
  • Secret chill room which you are teleported into with a hidden button [WIP]
  • Ability to hide the entire base. That’s right. With the right button combinations, the entrance and everything just magically disappear into the sand with doors closing over them to hide the objects. [WIP, almost done]

Please tell me what you think! :v: