Working on an RP map and need some help

So basically i’m back into mapping, and working on a city. Now, i made some structures, but i really dont know how to make the whole base of it, i.e the roads, main city, hills, etc, anyones got an idea? I really dont know how to start doing the city itself…

Can you show screenshots?

Yeah sure, when i’m done. Why does it matter tho?

So we know what you are talking about. How can we help if we don’t even know what it looks like?

Without screenshot’s people won’t take you serious.

Prove it’s a good map worth working on instead of some fullbright blocky map and you will probably get a lot more people willing to help.

Right, ill post when i’m done with the current jail… Anyways, i still dont get how seeing my structures will help people give me tips… And not ‘worth working on’ as i’m not seeking any developers, i’ll do it all on my own i just want some ideas on how to develop the city.

Look at pictures of cities on Google.

Some pictures off the Detention Center. The light kinda needs to be worked on, btw its an HDR compile.






Cells are small and looks awful. Needs to be worked on either.

use for image hosting

what the hell… let me reupload

what image host did you use?

Mk,,JIYGHKn,TCkrYpv,63QCkkq,a3CkIHi is the detention center. As i said i’m going to work on cells/light.

those textures are not very good

Whys that?

they are not very good

Right… Any suggestions? I’ve switched 5-10 textures since i made it, not completely sure about these textures, but they seem to fit the most.

you need to use wall textures for the walls

At the jail? Same for lobby and jail? Its going to be pretty dumb to be honest… As the walls shouldn’t be all nice looking and all, should be metal-old-rusty like.

those wall textures don’t look like wall textures


those are citadel wall textures, doesn’t fit regular jail walls at all