Working On Gun Poses

Okay. I have just tried out some new poses, all of them I tried hard on. But I want to hear what you think I should improve on. I want you to look at the gun, how it is held, and how it can be better. Thank you,

very much.

Okay. Here we go:



(How it will be laid out)

Dr.Kleiner | Shotgun

Metro Cop | SMG1

Alyx/Dog | Alyxgun (not being held)

Male_05 (I think?) | Pistol

Male_09 | Pistol

C&C please.

Dont post

“Aw siz suk man u r dum”

please be serious.


I dont have AA for garrysmod, the option is “None *” not 2X or 4X

lol pink combine.


I know, I am on a different computer than what I am used to. And it changes the color’s of the combines.

Are you sure you didn’t download the decal fix from It makes the combine colorful. Which sucks.

It’s Male 04, not Male 05. Also, why is he holding his hand over his mouth? If that’s referring to the GTAIV execution with Vlad style thing that I see done wrong so much, he should be covering his eyes. But anyway they’re alright, just keep working on them. All I see are some stance issues and some clipping issues, but that’s it.

Okay thanks. I actually tried to make him some weird gangster.

But, oh well :smile:


Nope. Didn’t download it. Why does it fix it?

Aw siz suk man u r dum

Not bad!
For just a little bit more practie and it will be fine

Dr.Kleiner | Shotgun - The pinky dosent look so well.

they all look pretty good

it reminds me of earlier, more candid hl2 pictures from GMOD 9

No it’s just your computer sucks so much it can’t handle the effects