Working on Train Map - any requests?

So yeah, I never had a model train set when I was a kid, so I now I’m working on a complex train map because well, gm_wirecontruct_rc and rp_subtransit and others aren’t complex enough.

What I have so far:

Three levels, connected by ramp tracks.
Many different routes and switches (it’s feasible to start off at one track, and end up on the same track facing the opposite direction, without ever stopping so long as the switches are set right)
A loop track (to essentially turn around with long trains)
One underground construction area
Dual and single track routes with all the switches to allow trains in any direction to switch between tracks
Some of the routes have space for stations, but haven’t built them yet.

Things I want to add:

Floor panel toggles for switches (so Wire User can be made)
Spots where the track itself turns

So I got something pretty complex going but it’s just tracks, with enough room to add more tracks and more rooms. This map is far from complete so don’t expect it any time soon.

Any requests?

Put a HL1 style train in.

Have it at various speeds - Super Slow - Very Slow - Slow - Normal - Fast - Very Fast - Super Fast - Really Really Super Fast

Makes it intense.

Make there be an admin room where you can trigger like, 200 headcrab canisters to be fired at all around the map

have it with lighting

Please be sarcasm… please be sarcasm…

A few signals? Not sure if it’s possible.

“Underwater” tunnel.

Not dumping this idea down the gutter.

underwater tunnel with a “submarine”.

this could be made by making a tunnel of water with a gap for the train. have the train follow the gap. in order for the train windows to look like there under water, make a custom texture. or select one of the valve beneath water textures and create a layre of water with that texture outside of the glass, to simulate a submarine!

wow, i just made that up on the spot.

Like, in Riven, where you ride that funky submarine train?

Hell, do every kind of train in these videos.

Second one from 8:55

A nice station building.

Like, a siding.
In Britains you get these stations where you have trains coming in, and it’s a train station siding. The track stops inside the buildangs.

But it’s a siding.

You know what I mean D:

Bridges going over roads and bridges going over tracks.

  1. No HL1 style train for version 1 or automated trains for version 1 anyways. Let me get the map finished first :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The underwater tracks, both open air and tunnel, that actually sounds like a lot of fun. Not sure about custom textures though (as in, not sure if I can do it). How can I get fish into my water?

  3. Signals is a good idea, but I’m not sure how reliable they will be. I Could set something up where say, 1000 units away from a switch, if it’s not in your favour, a series of red lights will go up and if it is in your favour, the lights turn green.

  4. Siding? Train goes into building? Not sure what you mean. I recently came back from the UK and took the train every weekend between Manchester and London.

It’s a train terminal*. But with buffers. So basically, it’s a station-siding.

You mean something like in this picture:

Elevated platforms?

Got any pictures because searching google images didn’t reveal a lot of inspiring photos.,northward),Kuala_Lumpur.jpg/800px-Bandar_Tasik_Selatan_station(Rawang-Seremban_Line)(platform_with_upgraded_canopies,_northward),_Kuala_Lumpur.jpg

Note that it has buffers just on the end on the picture (the one on the right)
Plus, it should be a siding.

A siding is a branch off of a main line, usually used for storage and they usually have a platform at the end of them. Sometimes they end inside loading docks. They have buffers on the end.

the platform lowers into an underground coal mine. ready to fill the train with big black rocks <_<

Just like Automatic doors and the crossings from subtransit, they open and close at a certain distance. So if there is another train passing the crossover tracks, the other train going to the crossover tracks will be hit with the red light signal, until the train is has passed the point that makes green signals for both sides of the crossover

this looks promissing if a beta would be released i wouldnt mind trying it i kinda like what you are doing with the train system though.

if it has lots of rails it will be awesome and the uner water thing sounds good.

awesome stuff

One crazy idea, but make the map into a space build map with train tracks? Would be awesome to have a interplanet train :D.