Working Portal Gun

I am still looking for it. Main thread said that HPD 0.97 Gun works. Any confirmation on that?
Anyone found it yet? The working version.

The Portal Gun has been broken since like… 2008?


I KNOW! I want a working portalgun that doesn’t spam errors on the screen and has working portal sprites

Not possible with the engine gmod runs atm.

Heres the SVN

You also need this installed


Uh, how do I install it?
The DLL.

It’s SVN. Use an SVN client (I recommend TortoiseSVN) to download it. Here’s a handy guide to downloading things with TortoiseSVN:

Well then.


Holy shit… it works.

I know how to use TortoiseSVN, I just don’t understand where to put that .dll file in the second link.

in your lua\includes\modules folder in the root garrysmod\garrysmod directory.