Working portal gun?

Im looking for a working portal gun that will work on garrysmod. It would be nice if it worked on multiplayer because I host a build server.

There isn’t one.

And there isn’t going to be one. Because mahalis’s one was for the Source 2006 engine (Half Life 2: Episode One)


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I’m still curious on how one would implement the coding for the portals. Wouldn’t that be extremely hard?

Indeed it is it breaks a lot of rules of physics.

There are some (fake) portal guns for gmod (it are just camera’s and teleports) but it works a little

I remember some one making something called “The Magic Box” if he would release it some one could use it as a base for a portal gun

Ok, this is why it is broken, the episode update might be part of it but the main reason it is broken because Garry disabled the power for lua to open render targets. If you look in the console with it installed after you load a map, it will say something like: You tried to create a Render Target Camera using lua. This is way too laggy and now disabled.

The basic gun still works but that’s why you cant see through.

Yeah, the actual portalling works but not the portal effect.

I remember blackops was working on one but he stopped and mahalis had stopped working on his portal gun after 1.0

Blackops still does little updates, and I’m happy for that. :smile:

he doesnt.

Yes…he does. He doesn’t release very often though.

Here’s one.

Use this SVN instead.

How responsive is Garry to feature requests? I’m guessing he’s not going to reconsider.

Gmod has support for binary plugins, right? Can they still do this?

Just though I’d let you know: That SVN I posted is not a working version. It fucks up the screen when you shoot a portal:


Note: That’s GMod Construct after I shot the blue portal. I’m looking straight at the ground as well. [sp]Don’t say anything about the ESP :O[/sp]

You also need this for the SVN one:
Put it in lua\includes\modules.

I know, I have that too. :sigh: