Working Prop Hunt Gamemode without Fretta?

Is there any working versions of prop hunt that do not have or need fretta to operate?

There’s the one that used to be included with gmod:

I have installed this onto my server and when im in the game. Its just like sandbox with all the guns and HUD

What’s wrong with Fretta?

what command line are you using to start the server?
you need to set the game mode

-norestart -console -game garrysmod -nohltv -condebug +maxplayers 32 +ip ... -port ***** +gamemode “prop_hunt” +exec “server2.cfg” +map “cs_office” -tickrate 100 -authkey +host_workshop_collection

Check your console output when it starts up, it’ll say if it changes game mode

I have changed game mode and im getting this message in the console and im getting this message. Couldn’t change active gamemode - ‘prop_hunt’ not found

How are you loading the addon? with workshop? is it downloading and mounting the addon when server starts up?

Are you sure prop_hunt is the exact name? Check the folder and the gamemode.txt name.

What do you mean loading up the addon? I have placed the files in folder called prop_hunt and then started the server with the gamemode prop_hunt? Am I doing something wrong?

Inside the prop_hunt folder, there should be a text file. What is the name of it?


it should look like garrysmod/gamesmodes/prop_hunt
inside that you have all your addon folders like gamemode, prop_hunt.txt … etc

Yes . I have included a link to a screenshot showing you it also

try +gamemode “prophunt”

Thank you It is now working